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25th Annual Bill of Rights
Art and Essay Contest, 2008-2009

for Students in Grades 7 through 12

TOPIC:  Should students' rights to free speech and
              expression be limited or denied at school?



High School

  • 1st Prize and $150
    by N., a 12th-grade student
    from Independent Studies, Youth Arts Council

  • 2nd Prize and $100
    by C.M., an 11th-grade student
    from Marina High School, Youth Arts Council

  • 3rd Prize and $50
    by K.H., a 17-year old student
    from Learning for Life, Youth Arts Council

Middle School


High School

Middle School

  • 1st Prize and $150
    "ACLU Freedom of Speech"
    by D.B. from Pacific Grove Middle School

  • 2nd Prize and $100
    "How Free Is Free"
    by M.M. from Pacific Grove Middle School

  • 3rd Prize and $50
    by J.B. from Pacific Grove Middle School

  • Participation Awards to two classes at El Sausal Middle School

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