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Derechos de los Inmigrantes


Immigrants' Rights: The ACLU has been one of the nation's leading advocates for the rights of refugees, immigrants, and non-citizens. Learn more about our Immigrants' Rights Project.



"It is precisely for the protection of the minority that constitutional limitations exist. Majorities need no such protection. They can take care of themselves." --Illinois Supreme Court in Ring v. Board of Education (1910)

"[The Bill of Rights is] designed to protect individuals and minorities against the tyranny of the majority, but it's also designed to protect the people against bureau-cracy, against the government." --Judge Lawrence Tribe

"The 4th Amendment and the personal rights it secures have a long history. At the very core stands the right of a man to retreat into his own home and there be free from unreasonable governmental intrusion." --Justice Potter Stewart


Your Rights

If you are contacted by the FBI, the INS, local police, or other law enforcement, the ACLU has a free hotline that provides confidential legal assistance.   Please write down the name, agency, and telephone number of the officer who calls or visits you. Then CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY at 415.285.1055.

The ACLU of Northern California has extensive information available at their website:

Also available is "Your Right to Demonstrate and Protest".

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